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From Beast Kingdom. Beast Kingdom's 'Entertainment Experience Brand' is introducing a new D.A.H (Dynamic 8ction Heroes) action figure collection from the fantastically wacky world of "Rick and Morty".

The 'Rick Sanchez' action figure brings to life the quirky old man who embarks on adventures through various absurd parallel universes alongside his grandson Morty. With approximately 16 points of articulation, Rick is seen sporting his iconic blue shirt, brown pants, and a real fabric-textured lab coat. The figure also comes with Rick's classic weapon accessories, such as the laser gun and remote control. No set would be complete, of course, without Rick's signature portal gun and portal, allowing our titular heroes to travel through time and space.

The set includes three of Rick's signature facial expressions as replaceable head sculpts and five interchangeable hand options. Don't forget to also collect the Morty DAH action figure to complete the wacky duo.

Collect your DAH set and relive your very own otherworldly adventures, only from a Beast Kingdom outlet.

"DAH-084 Rick and Morty - Rick Sanchez" set Includes:
?    Approximately 16 points of articulation
?    Three (3) Rick Sanchez replaceable head sculpts (normal, drooling, startled)
?    Five (5) interchangeable hand options (fist/open/holding/item/relaxed holding with remote control)
?    Accessories: Portal gun, Upgraded laser gun, Portal(Pet film material), Remote control
?    Real Fabric-textured lab coat


Est Ship Date 8/2024
  • Est Ship Date


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